In any country where there is a level of unrest, constant RISK MANAGEMENT is essential. To do effective risk assessments takes an in-depth knowledge of local threats as well as understanding the criminal mind as to fully understand and predict the criminal behaviour.   

Aubrey Pieterse as an independent security adviser specialises in risk and threat assessments in a wide range of industries. As a specialist Trauma counselor over the past 30 years, dealing with victims of crime on a daily basis and gaining a unique understanding of how criminals think, he has mastered the ability to understand the criminal mind. This gives him the ability to do high level predictions of criminal behavior.

Currently as crime in the Southern African region increases he is in high demand to do risk assessments of Private Estates, Security Estates, Government buildings, Embassy buildings, Embassy personnel homes, Hotel risk assessments, Establishing security protocols for security emergencies and evacuations.

Some of the fields of work he covers are:

-   Risk assessments for security estates

-   Design and implementation of protocols for disaster management 

-   Home security assessments

-   Company premises assessments

-   Risk management

-   Hotel security assessments

-   Airport security assessment

-   Security assessments of Embassy buildings and expat homes

-   Risk assessments of suburbs and larger regions

-   Risk assessments of death threats, domestic violence, bomb threats, etc.

-   Assessment of security protocols and procedures

-   Drawing up of evacuation procedures

-   Establishing security protocols

-   Managing emergencies, i.e. hostage situations, kidnappings, harassment, stalking, etc.

-   Advanced security installations

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