Rape prevention

This page is dedicated to the millions of women who are raped every year around the world.

Let me stress first off that rape prevention should not be a woman's issue as this implies that it should be a woman's responsibility to avoid being raped, now nothing is further from the truth. Men are responsible for rape and it should be their responsibility to prevent it, all our energy should be focused on re-educating misdirected men,unfortunately rapists don't care and therefore the best I can do is to advise women on what I have learnt from working with rape survivors over the past 30 years.

To address the issue of preventing a rape we firstly need to look at the mind of a rapist. The rapist is a predator who seeks out a victim to fulfill his need for power and control as a result of his extreme insecurities. This insecurity makes him a coward and therefore he will target a victim who seems weak and vulnerable who will not put up a fight or challenge, so minimising the possibility of his failure and humiliation. It is for this reason that they often target little girls, women who seem weak or vulnerable, women who are inebriated or women who are mentally handicapped. 

It is also a reality that of the majority of women who are raped actually knew the perpetrator, this varies from family members, to friends, to caregivers and colleagues. Once more the perpetrator will seek out his victim by zoning in on those who seem vulnerable. In what is referred to as the interview he starts a slow process of testing the waters by initially invading the victims personal space, then slight physical contact on an arm or shoulder, eventually leading to a caress and slowly he starts gauging that he has not received resistance or retaliation giving him the confidence to attack. This process could be over a period of hours or years.

So the first lesson in rape prevention is to consciously try portray an attitude of strength and confidence. Also do not allow men to get away with disrespecting your personal space and touching you without your permission. Obviously many men touch you or give you hugs, but when you feel slightly uncomfortable, you need to let him know, the more stern the better.

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