The security industry in South Africa is massive with many companies providing a professional and ethical service to the community. Unfortunately there are also many "fly by nights" who take the public for a ride. 

This site is dedicated to providing as much FREE information to assist individuals and companies with the advice they need and also an opportunity to ask security related questions they may have.

On this site you will find:

Crime Prevention Information

If you need to know how best to prevent becoming a victim go read our pages on the topics, Hijack PreventionHome InvasionRape Prevention.


TBS Services run crime prevention courses throughout the country, should you wish to get more information go to our TBS Training courses page.  

Information on Security Products we have available

If you need information regarding the pro's and con's of the different security products available, go to the Products page.

Information on how to respond during an attack

Essential information on how to respond during a hijacking, home invasion, rape, mugging, armed robbery, bank robbery, abusive relationship, go to our Crisis Intervention page

Information on how to deal with Trauma 

Go to our Trauma page to gain information on issues like child trauma, nightmares, supporting the survivor, bereavement, etc.

The latest modus operandi of criminals

Go to our Latest News page.

A free QUESTION and ANSWER service

Go to the Contact page should you have any questions or need some guidance on any security or trauma related topic.