How should I respond during a hijacking ?

-        Remember the hijacker is also nervous and will pull the trigger should he feel threatened in any way.

-        The reason many victims are shot is because of sudden movements, like going for the seat belt, grabbing for your hand              bag, forgetting your car in gear and as you get out the car takes off, getting out and trying to run away, none of these                  are advisable.

-        The sooner you can let them know that you are surrendering the better, so raise both hands up and show them towards            the hijacker.

-        Using your left hand unlock the door, which will allow them to open the door.

-        Still using your left hand slide your thumb under the seat belt near your shoulder to show them you taking your seat belt            off, run the hand down the seatbelt and unclip it.

-        Your hand is right by the hand brake so pull the handbrake up and take the car out of gear.

-        If the door is not already open, open it and get out.

-        Should you have children in the car, do not get out, just tell the hijacker I am getting the baby, reach back between the                seats and assist the child to come to the front and get out with you.

-        Once outside slowly back away from the hijackers without turning your back to them.

-        If they want to frisk you for jewellery or anything else, fully comply.

As can be seen this process is far more complex than just explaining on a website and can result in life or death, it is essential to attend training on this process, should you want to inquire or attend a session either send us a mail on our CONTACT page or book yourself on the next session on our TBS TRAINING COURSE page